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Your Partner in Efficient and Effective Sponsorship Marketing

Does your sponsorship marketing investment impact your market share and revenue? Does your sponsorship marketing strategy result in predictable impact and return-on-objectives? And most importantly, how do you know?

Sponsorship Science is uniquely qualified to help you determine:

1. If Sponsorship is an efficient medium in your marketing mix.

2. How to forecast predictable performance from your sponsorship marketing.

3. The best practices to introduce discipline and process in your sponsorship marketing.

Our team collaborates with you to understand the real impact of your sponsorship investments; instill discipline and process in sponsorship execution; and provide research based on your unique business, brand and operational objectives providing you both return-on-objective data and equally important facts and information to make informed decisions. We leverage decades of sponsorship marketing expertise and best practices to ensure you make informed sponsorship marketing decisions that affect your bottom line.

Sponsorship Marketing Opportunities and Challenges:

Are you optimizing your spend? Are you making informed decisions in regard to sponsorship marketing? Have you identified and invested in the right properties to reach, and more importantly, impact your target audience?

87% of corporations claim they don’t have enough data—or the right data—to make informed sponsorship decisions.

Is that you?!

Or are you ready to join the small percentage of sponsoring companies curious enough to ask the right questions and maximize your sponsorship spend?
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Strategists First; Researchers Second

Many companies provide research. But does the research really provide you the data and facts you need? We’re strategists first and researchers second. This is the Sponsorship Science difference.

We start by collaborating with you in establishing common sponsorship marketing criteria weighted to real needs such as revenue and sales. We then work with you to evaluate your existing sponsorships and identify new sponsorship opportunities that align to the agreed upon criteria. Together, we design research models that will provide you the data and information you really need: data and information that is absolutely aligned to your unique business, brand and operational objectives.

Don’t Believe the Nay-Sayers

The success of your sponsorship marketing efforts absolutely can be measured and optimized when you understand models and process. It begins by identifying the criteria needed to determine the true impact of your sponsorship return-on-objective.

Take the Strategic Marketing Analysis to see areas where your current strategy might be improved.

Your Partner in Sponsorship Success

When you partner with Sponsorship Science, you join an alliance of companies and individuals that are passionate about the success of entertainment, event, and sport sponsorships. We are committed to providing the data you need to make informed sponsorship decisions and have the mindset and tools needed to do just that.

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