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Your Success is a Team Effort

When you partner with Sponsorship Science, you join an alliance of companies and individuals that are passionate about the success of entertainment, event, and sport sponsorships. We are committed to providing the data you need to make informed sponsorship decisions and have the mindset and tools needed to do just that.

Think of Sponsorship Science as part of your Business Development Team. We offer expert advice that ensures clarity and transparency when analyzing sponsorship marketing opportunities and alternatives. We understand and help implement sponsorship marketing best practices, and we align with you to instill sponsorship marketing discipline and process. We provide relevant research to gauge return-on-objective and provide facts and information so you make informed decisions moving forward.

We live and breathe sponsorship marketing, all day, every day!

Jeffrey Stern

Jeffrey is the head, heart and driving force behind Sponsorship Science and your sponsorship success. He brings over twenty-three years of global experience in sports marketing and management to every campaign. Jeffrey has an extensive background in business consulting and representation for sporting personalities, specifically in the motorsports, golf and tennis arenas.

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Brett Boyle, PhD

Brett is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the John Cook School of Business at Saint Louis University. An award-winning teacher and researcher, Dr. Boyle’’s research has focused on a number of sports marketing-related issues. Dr. Boyle serves as Senior Research Consultant for Sponsorship Science. His primary duties are the design, analysis and reporting of research, focusing on the sports consumer and the economic impact of sporting events.

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